In Search of Place | BaBa Nim Karori Ji – Kainchidham 2021

In Search of Place | BaBa Nim Karori Ji – Kainchidham, Uttarakhand


Sitting in an office and looking for new ideas for the business of medicine…..yeah that is my current job, and yes it is chosen by me, not sure but somehow it happened. but on the basis of my inner soul, I certainly do not fit here,

I am actually not doing the work which I love the most…TRAVEL

In Search of Place | BaBa Nim Karori Ji

From my childhood mountains are like my first love. I can connect with them easily and they attract me a lot, a lot…

I was born in a small town of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, India. Kumaon is well known for the beautiful places of the lower Himalayan range, Nainital, Ranikhet, Kausani Almora and many more.

But excepting all these lovely spots I am talking here about the Kainchidham, a small ashram in bhowali district Uttarakhand.

Only 10-15 km far from bhowali market, Kainchidham is a place which defines the importance and presence of peace in your life. This place belongs to and established by Baba Neem Karori Ji Maharaj, who is said to be the incarnation of Lord Hanuman according to the stories of Ashram.

In Search of Place | BaBa Nim Karori Ji

a beautiful valley surrounded by greenery and palms and in the middle of it a beautiful and only place with ideal conditions for meditation, for self-analysis and to make your heart feel in another different place where all the materialistic things don’t exist. I always think that I can sit here for hours in the same position not thinking anything, just to absorb how beautiful the world is and how lucky we are that we can see it.

In Search of Place | BaBa Nim Karori Ji


we can feel another wonderful thing about that place is that the place always looks newly built, the shining grocery, shining walls, cleanliness everywhere that you don’t want to allow your eyes to blink, even sometimes it looks like miracle that how everything could be so perfect and so peaceful to feel.

In Search of Place | BaBa Nim Karori Ji

The ashram is situated on the bank of a small river, The entrance is just on the road, you have to cross a small bridge made on the river to enter in the ashram, at the starting the kirtana of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ takes you into the holy environment, then the temples of Radha Krishna, Hanuman Ji and Durga Ji. After that in the opposite side, there is a corridor and a bed, where the blanket of the baba Nim Karori Ji is kept for visitors. the people their still believe about the presence of the soul of Babaji in the ashram and the stories about his miracles are well known there. you can spend hours and hours there to relax your mind and soul.

Weather is always pleasant their and beautiful views are complimentary for your eyes. 

So if you are planning to visit Nainital, just make a little effort towards kainchi for an tremendous memory.

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